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Buying Your First Home? Here’s A Simple Timeline Of What To Expect

It is often said that the three most stressful things a person can experience are divorce, changing jobs and moving house. The first two are beyond the scope of this article. As experienced mortgage and financial advisers, however, for those looking to buy a home – we can help.   One way to help alleviate […]
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5 Self-Defence Tips Against Financial Scams

There are very few worse experiences than the feeling which comes from being robbed. It leaves you feeling shaken, violated and insecure.   Online robbery – otherwise known as scamming – is prevalent these days, and some of the worst cases occur when it comes to theft in the realms of pensions, finances and personal […]
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A Quick, Simple Guide To Annuities

To understand “annuities”, you first need to know that broadly speaking, there are two types of workplace pension.   The first is a “defined benefit” (or “final salary”) pension, which gives you an annual income from your employer once you retire.   The amount you get is usually based on factors such as how long […]
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How To Sort Your Finances After A Divorce: 8 Tips

Divorce is almost never pleasant. People often feel that there’s enough emotional upheaval going on, without bringing money and finances into the picture. Yet bring them in, you must.   Your financial position following a divorce is hugely important, as it will affect your lifestyle, income and expenditure for years to come. If you have […]
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