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Reaching your retirement is all well and good but life can throw many surprises at people along the way and with governments pulling back the support for those who have fallen on bad times, now is the time to provide a protection solution to protect you and your families.

We are experts in providing life assurance, income protection, private medical cover, long-term care insurance and critical illness cover to suit all individual needs.

The implication of being unable to work due to illness would be the loss of income leading to significant financial problems.  It is now essential to insure against the possibility of being unable to work through an accident or sickness by taking out a Personal Income Protection policy. A Personal Income Protection policy will pay an income if you cannot work.  These policies should be a vital part of your insurance arrangements.

Critical illness policies usually pay a tax-free lump sum if you suffer from one of the illnesses or conditions, or have one of the surgical procedures (collectively known as the 'critical illnesses'), as specifically defined and covered by the policy.  The lump sum could be used, for example, to repay a mortgage and fund personal expenditure, thereby providing financial peace of mind. These policies are now widely available as a direct offering by provider on-line to the general public, however at Cedar House we believe it is essential that you seek advice in this area as nowadays there are many variations, add-ons and exclusions to these policies which should be considered before acquiring this type of cover.

Finally, Long-term care insurance provides a planned way of paying for some or all of the cost of any long-term care you may need now or in the future.  Through a lump sum payment in advance, or regular premiums, you can buy insurance to cover the cost of care in your own home (domiciliary care) or in a residential or nursing home.

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    Planning for retirement requires careful consideration. It is a process of determining your aspirations for retirement and then implementing an agreed plan.




    Providing benefits to your staff cements your position as a caring employer, very much concerned about the health, wealth and happiness of your employees.




    Whether your aim is to preserve your wealth or to build wealth for the future we can provide a solution for you together.




    Life can throw many surprises at people, we can help enure that you have a protection solution to protect you and your families for when life throws you a curveball.